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Poisonous chemicals in science room; no safe storage; no labels that say how old the chemicals are or how to use them.Poisonous art supplies; moldy roof; no fresh air.Mold spores from contaminated ceiling tiles can cause asthma attacks or make you sick.
No fresh air, no daylight, dusty moldy books.Dirty animal cages; no first aid supplies like eyewashes; old, poisonous, explosive chemicals not labeled, not locked up.Poisonous, smelly cleaning supplies.
Diesel exhaust fumes in classrooms make kids dizzy, have asthma attacks, or get sick headaches.Pests enter building and take over!Smelly fumes from computers and new glued down carpets; no fresh air.Poisonous supplies make custodians and kids sick; cause asthma attacks, rashes, headaches.Smelly fumes from computers and new glued down carpets; no fresh air.
Neighborhood pets run around unsupervised, leave messes.Asbestos and radon gas in basement; carbon monoxide gas leaks from old furnace; pipe leaks cold water that should go to drinking fountains upstairs.
Rashes can come from poisons in playground wood and on the grass; overflowing garbage feeds rats, mice, roaches, skunks.
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